A modern approach to combating financial crime

We help you run accurate AML checks in milliseconds, Automatically screen your customers instantly during onboarding and get notified when something changes. Easy to track, scale and report.

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Move ahead. Safer, quicker

AML Onboarding

Onboard quicker with automated screening.

Onboarding your customers can become a frictionless experience by simple, automatic and consistent AML screening.

Real-time Data.

False Positive reduction

Full global data coverage for Sanctions Watchlist and PEP.

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AML Monitoring

Monitor the changes with Webhooks.

Having the correct information at the right time is important. Monitor changes in an effortless and quick manner by utilizing our webhook model which notifies you when changes in your customers data occur. Stay up-to-date and compliant, by tracking changes.

Save time by getting alerts on changes

Automatic audit trails

Better Watchlist Coverage to Minimize your risk

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Our data

We provide API’s with relevant and useful business data. Up-to-date information about persons and organizations in the Nordics to make sure you’re on top of things.

Our API’s contain data such as, beneficial owners, ownership structure, signatory rights and much more.

Customer Lifecycle

Webhooks for monitoring

Monitoring through webhooks is like tracking the changes that occur in your customers data. When a change takes place in the customers data, a notification is sent to you, informing you about the change. Then you (the professional) decides what to do about the change.

A significant upside of using webhooks, is that no customer directory or list needs to be handed over to us. This makes keeping your customer data up date, secure and fast for a low cost.

Pliance 4 step process

We believe in keeping things simple and straight to the point.
 Our 4 step onboarding process proves that.

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Pick and Choose.

Pick a coverage plan that suits your business needs and that you can grow with.

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Start integrating our API to your systems.

AML on autopilot.

Get notified when changes occur, logging is handled automatically on the blockchain.

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Why engineers love Pliance

Oscar Holmberg
Chief Technology Officer @ Kvartil
With Pliance, we were up and running in 1-2 days, immediately eliminating the need to manually update sanctions lists and performing other manual routines.
Actionable Documentation

Documentation that is easy to understand and action on.

Easy API Integration

Smoothly integrates with your existing systems with pre built SDK’s.

Powerful at scale

Scale your operations with ease without loosing quality.

 customer support

Get helpful support from our engineering team for any implementation questions.

Why Compliance loves Pliance

Matt Broniarek
Operational Manager @ Safello
Safello saw a 90% reduction in false positives after switching to Pliance; we went from hours of investigations per day to minutes!
Real-time visibilty

With our ongoing monitoring you are always up to speed with any changes.

False Positive Reduction

Reduction in False Positives gives compliance teams more time to investigate real threaths.

Increased efficiency

Structure your workflows to match your organizations best practices. We give the power back to you.

Enchanced Customer User Experience

Create frictionless experiences for your customers with our api’s to your existing flow without putting your business at risk.

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