Anti Money Laundering Automation
for modern companies

Pliance APIs will help you automate your AML processes, such as PEP and sanctions screening, so you can focus on your core business. 

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Onboard customers in seconds, without slow user experiences

Regular PEP and sanctions status monitoring, without the manual work

Effective workflows, without switching between tools

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With Pliance, we were up and running in 1-2 days, immediately eliminating the need to manually update sanctions lists and performing other manual routines. Oscar Holmberg -CTO, Kvartil

Built for developers

const { ClientFactory } = require("@pliance/pliance.js.sdk");
let clientFactory = new ClientFactory('2bb80d537b1da3e38bd303',
    'Test', '');
let client = clientFactory.create('jdoe', '1');

let person = {
    firstName: 'John F.',
    lastName: 'Kennedy',
    personReferenceId: 'person-id'

let res = await client.registerPerson(person);

Because we eliminate needless complexity, you can get started with Pliance in just a few minutes. In no time, you will have automated your PEP, sanctions, and other AML screening routines.