Sanction Lists

Screen and monitor persons or companies against hundreds of governmental and law enforcement watchlists, including UN, EU, DFAT, OFAC and HMT.

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Sanctions screenings

Sanctions screenings shows you if a person or organization is on the sanctions lists from the UN, EU, DFAT, HMT, OFAC, and hundreds of other governmental and law enforcement lists. To ensure that financial sanctions are complied with and enforced, financial institutions are required to consult the lists when conducting business.

Sanction screenings are mandatory and part of the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process, like PEP and UBO screenings.

With Pliance’s API you can automate your screening process to ensure compliance and security in your business to avoid risks. You can even do it with webhooks.

What do I do if a person is on a Sanction list?

Having a business relationship with individual persons or organizations listed on a sanctions list is illegal and must be terminated. You must also report the entity to the authorities if you are contacted by someone on a sanctions list under the Money Laundering Act.

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