How Fairlo Uses Pliance

  • Fintech
  • Launched in 2018
  • Team of 7

Fairlo is a fully flexible credit for people to even out their cash flow ups and downs. Fairlo is the most cost efficient credit for unexpected expenses and cash flow ups and downs. No fees and low interest rates. Therefore we have to have cost efficient solutions to onboarding and screening.

What led you to look for an AML solution?

“As we scale, the complexity increases and we have to choose what to focus on. We want to be the best in the world in developing services for people to manage their cash flow. So we have to choose what to focus on and what to cooperate with others on, for whom AML is their core business.” - Says Fairlo CEO Jimmy Hanna


Pliance was very responsive and easy to work with in the integration phase. Their documentation made the job easy. Emil Wallinder - CTO, Fairlo.

What if you could not find a solution?

Jimmy continues “Had we not found one, we would have had to dedicate our own resources of developing a solution ourselves. This would have affected our ability to focus on our core product and the speed we wished to maintain.”

How did you consider alternatives?

“The most important for us was to have a fast, modern, and fully automated system that was cost-efficient without losing quality. Pliance had this, and a team with a mindset of building products that offers value to us now, and grows with us to continue delivering on our needs.”

The Results

“We can focus on developing the best services for people to handle their cash flow ups and downs while knowing the service is doing its job even better than if we would have done it ourselves. Pliance will develop this product as it is their core business and will make us have top notch service without having to put in development time.”


  • With Pliance we can continue having short, scalable onboarding and screening times with retained quality. And, without having to build and maintain the screening solution ourselves, it’s cheaper.
  • Our engineering team spends less time on developing and maintaining systems that are not core to our business. Instead, we can move faster on our product roadmap.

What can we do for you?

With Pliance automating your anti money laundering compliance processes, you can spend more time on your core business.