Flexible pricing that lets you scale your business

Pay as you go

For companies with lower number of active users.

Starting from
€0,20 / user

Unlimited Screenings

Automated Monitoring

International Sanction lists

Audit-ready logging

Global PEP coverage


GDPR compliant

Most popular

Our most popular option. Pay per active customer in bulk. For scaling businesses that are growing at a fast rate.

Starting from
€1000 /month
0 - 10 000 active users
10 001 - 50 000 active users
50 001 - 100 000 active users
100 001 - 500 000 active users

Unlimited Screenings

Automated Monitoring

International Sanction lists

Audit-ready logging

Global PEP coverage

No set up fees


GDPR compliant


We offer custom solutions for specific use cases and larger corporations.

€Custom pricing


Custom agreements

Custom volumes

To better estimate the pricing, please tell us more about your business, needs and what we can help you solve.

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Unlimited screenings

Screen active customers as many times as you like. Eliminate bottlenecks during onboarding.

Automated monitoring

Ongoing automated monitoring of active customers ensures that you’re the first to know when changes in customer data occur.

Audit-ready logging

You always have access to tamper proof logs for easy and secure reporting for internal use or for external reporting.

Sanctions Coverage selection

Screen customers globally against all countries and lists, or selectively choose which sanctions lists matter to your business.

PEP Coverage selection

Screen your customers against our PEP (politically exposed persons) databases, we provide global coverage.

GDPR compliant

We are GDPR compliant which means you have complete control of your data. Register, archive, or delete data as you need, through the API.

Strong Encryption

Your data is encrypted both in transit and in-storage.

EU data Residency

Your data stays safely within data centers in EU.

Frequently asked questions, answered

How does the Pay As You Go model work?

With Pay as you go, you are charged a fixed price per active user you screen and monitor through Pliance. This is great for when you're handling low volumes, or have few customers but of higher value.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my selected plans later?

Yes, depending on how many active customers you may have, we will adjust your monthly bill accordingly.

Are there any setup fees?

No, there are no configuration or set-up fees.

Do you have company screening coverage?

We have company screening coverage of business entities in Sweden. International company screening coverage is coming soon.

What if I want to cancel our subscription?

You can cancel at any time. Please reach out to us to cancel your subscription. We would, of course, appreciate any feedback as to why you chose to leave our service.

How does the Volume-based model work?

The Volume-based model lets you pay a fixed price for a bulk of active users, and scales as you grow, lowering the cost per active user.

We have requests that do not fit in the two models, what now?

Not a problem. Contact our sales team, and we will work to find a solution to your needs.

Are Pliance’s sources reliable?

Pliance only works with data providers that are widely used and respected within their fields. This includes having highly competent researchers and are trusted by a wide variety of banks and organisations worldwide.

What countries and regions do you cover?

We cover PEP and sanctions globally, company data for Sweden. If you have customers originating from any part of the world, you can use Pliance to screen them against PEP and sanctions databases that we are integrated with.

What's the difference between monthly and annual plans?

Customers on annual plans prepay for monthly tracked users for the entire year and receive a discount for their commitment. The annual plan allows you to purchase Active customers at a lower rate.

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