About Pliance

Who are we?

Our story & our mission

We started Pliance because we, coming from the fintech and AML (anti money laundering) industry, saw that there had been very little innovation in improving the processes that financial companies are required to follow in order to remain compliant with AML regulation. Tools relied on old technologies and manual steps, making these processes time consuming and inflexible.
Plisec AB, the company behind Pliance, is a Stockholm-based company founded by experienced tech entrepreneurs and engineers. We value modern technologies and approaches in creating products to help simplify and automate AML processes for companies world wide. Our mission is to help customers combat financial crime and, with Pliance, we help you move ahead.
With Pliance, we bring modern technologies to your AML processes, saving you time in automating AML processes, as well as ensuring you can development your core business and product with state-of-the-art technologies.

Our team

Siam Choudhury

Co-founder & CEO

Siam is an experienced product leader with 8+ years of product and sales experience with a background in Facebook, Acast and FundedByMe.

Tomas Einarsson

Co-founder & Co-CTO

Tomas is an experienced engineer with a background in EQT, SEB and Catella among others, and 10+ years of experience building fintech and AML solutions.

Adam Fürtenbach

Co-founder & Co-CTO

Adam is an experienced technologist with 10+ years of engineering experience, including building fintech and AML solutions. His experience includes working at SEB and SaveLend.